Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bargan hunting-forget black friday!

Hey - if you don't like to push and shove and generally get beat up and down while shopping , forget about that black Friday business ,just go to my favorite places for a bargain life-
*1st Marshalls,Tj maxx or similar . the deals are fantastic and likely the items are one of a kind,due to buyouts from other sources.
*2ND the unique boutique or the secondhand store -there's no shame in shopping here! besides be unique and smart too-keep your eyes open it's a hunt!
*3rd -for books go for the used section,i mean its not like the words are gonna change when someone else reads it 1st .all the books i bought here were pristine.
*4Th oh the savings on whatever you like just about -you gotta see this one!
*5Th handmade deals on clothing and merchandise.i actually have a listing for dog collars i made under If you like check it out ,i think you will like it!

well that's my top five for deals in these tough times for wallets-you can still live fabulously under a bu get-be smart about it and it will be OK.

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