Thursday, December 4, 2008

Soul Travel - Yes You Can Too!

I can' t wait until my next trip - anywhere ,somewhere ! travel is just good for you . And you don't have to know anyone at your destination either ! why do people always ask that when you say you are going somewhere anyway?-"do you know anybody in -----?" nope i don't- i just want to see what's it all about ya know? i have to say my favorite trip that was a good price was thru for the 4 day Bahamas cruise- it was very cool ,thru Nassau and key west . the cruise director was actually a young black man !- we were super geeked about that . we went to all his parties and everything -just because ,well sometimes you feel a little more confident about new experiences when you see friendly,familiar faces-yes it's true . with that in mind,my relatives just returned from a theme cruise ,a all Jazz lovers cruise with Norwegian cruise line. It's all good to go with your passion - at least you know you will be comfortable.I love the site it kind of goes thru all the popular cities and events that's frequented and comfortable for African Americans,in this country,its a great site to check on before you book that trip.We will visit more travel destinations soon !

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