Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter in Chicago-heard of the Hawk?

Hey Sparkle Bella's - here the weather is changing into the 'Hawk ' . What is the Hawk you say? well -just a term for the Chicago wind, so strong it knocks itself into your bones ,gives you windburns on your face,and generally makes you want to leave Chi - town ! but somehow we always make it through -to wait for a hint of green grass , a songbird singing ,or even the dirt to get soft again ! As you can tell ,I'm not really into winter in Chicago. . Some people think it great, you know the snow -so pretty and fun to play in ,yes that's true,but with as much traffic we get here that pretty snow turns to cold ,dirty black slush - UGH YUCK.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Afros Unite!-Natural hair product showcase!

Here on Caramel City Sparkle we love natural hair ! I have natural hair and i love it ,it grows faster than before and the texture is soft and delightful.If you are thinking about converting to natural hair -go for it, it's totally worth it ! I have tried the following and they get the Caramel City Spark of approval-
Introducing -
Oyin means honey in Yoruba.All products are made with pure and fresh,nourishing , rich, ingredients that are good for your hair and body.Products are made by a family owned company in small batches. This company is very wholesome ,one of my favorites!

This is Juices and Berries herbal tonic leave - in spray. 9.00
a sweet natural juice tonic for after washing ,refreshing braids ,or for a good for your hair infusion ! i love this spray ,it makes your hair smell really good n fruity ,softens ,moisturises, and give the hair umph!

Oyin Handmade also sells this popular favorite-Whipped Pudding starting at 5.50
This tub of joy smells sooo good !leaves your hair soft and healthier feeling ,has good moisturising ingredients too. Natural hair dries out alot , this can help with those issues .Leaves your hair smelling like a chocolate dream-yumm!

Check out their other products too, you can see by the testimonials on the site that these products are really good ! Oh yes and the prices will not put you in the poor house either .

Monday, November 10, 2008

Fashion Accessories-Glam and Sparkle!

Hey Sparkle Bella's!-when you put all your outfits together , you know you are looking so good ,dont cha! ,the finishing touches not to be forgotten are your accessories . These are what's current and my faves for the season.Perfect for you Caramel Sparklers! Check these out so you can get it girl !

Diesel women's watch found at ,also at the store 100.00
leather strap, stainless steel case ,and blue mother of pearl dial . Very chic!

Next Polo Ralph Lauren sunglasses found on for 150.00 .shiny black /grey w.logo

Handbag by HYPE cognac leather Botero turnlock tote found on 210.00 .FeaturesBuckle tags ,and roseprint lining. go get it girl!

Cute as a button !Somerset slouchy Beret in oatmeal 12.90 .found at also in the store
Ralph by Ralph lauren Matte gold /brown sunglasses 99.95

Best dressed for bounce to the ounce Curves!

For your party coming up ,you must look good .Now if you are curvy you cant just wear anything and we all know this . Curves should be empathised ,not hidden .Curves can be brought out by the right outfit. My shape is more of a pear -bigger hips, small waist ,and top. so my picks are based on what i believe will look best on our shapes.

This is an Tadashi Dress found on a Silk taffeta deep gold with Basket weave design for 329.00.

Personally I would look for this dress a lot cheaper ,but I'm frugal to a fault-Cheap!Notice the a line and details on top which draws attention to your shoulders and draws the eye up to the face.Very nice.

My favorite designer made this -
Diane Von Furstenberg .Camel Fan Charmuse Lanii wrap dress for 280.00 also on
V-neck collars bring out your pretty face.Her wrap dresses are a classic investment ,and timeless design works over and over .notice the sash.Cute! look for this designers suitcases too.

Introducing Caramel City Sparkle !

Caramel City Sparkle is about ;

*Fashion *Curves *Pets *Natural Hair & products *Street Style*Traveling* Fun ,and what 's New!

Chicago River

-All from a Urban Caramel Chic point of view .I'm from Chicago ,Pretty cold but always something to do .Summer's here are the best to me-The taste of Chicago is pretty crowded ,that's OK though -very good grub.Have you ever been ?Many people say it's very fun to visit;see the mag mile ,sears tower ,the sports ,the restaurants.Well Kanye West ,Common, and president elect Obama call this home ,so i think that's pretty nice.
keep this on the upbeat and wholesome . Caramel City is not for heated subjects, cursing ; obscenities I.e language or images allowed -alright we got that over with .So back to this feature -I like all the subjects mentioned and would like to share with the class what i see and know. So sit back and enjoy !

Skating -Ol Skool to James Brown !

Welcome to Caramel City Sparkle!

Are you familiar with the culture of the ol skool skate ? I'm talking about the 4 wheel skates ,the Dominions ,Riedels with Bone wheels .Speeding to classic James Brown! Do ya know what I'm talking about? My hangouts since i was a wee one have been the Rink on 87Th in Chicago
, Rich City on Sauk trail,and Glenwood Skating Rink .These have always been the places to get the sweat /stress out ,get the fitness on ,and just come away happy ! Let me know where you skate and your memories.Skaters- to me have the best curves! a good link for finding skating rinks on the road is