Monday, November 10, 2008

Introducing Caramel City Sparkle !

Caramel City Sparkle is about ;

*Fashion *Curves *Pets *Natural Hair & products *Street Style*Traveling* Fun ,and what 's New!

Chicago River

-All from a Urban Caramel Chic point of view .I'm from Chicago ,Pretty cold but always something to do .Summer's here are the best to me-The taste of Chicago is pretty crowded ,that's OK though -very good grub.Have you ever been ?Many people say it's very fun to visit;see the mag mile ,sears tower ,the sports ,the restaurants.Well Kanye West ,Common, and president elect Obama call this home ,so i think that's pretty nice.
keep this on the upbeat and wholesome . Caramel City is not for heated subjects, cursing ; obscenities I.e language or images allowed -alright we got that over with .So back to this feature -I like all the subjects mentioned and would like to share with the class what i see and know. So sit back and enjoy !

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