Monday, November 10, 2008

Best dressed for bounce to the ounce Curves!

For your party coming up ,you must look good .Now if you are curvy you cant just wear anything and we all know this . Curves should be empathised ,not hidden .Curves can be brought out by the right outfit. My shape is more of a pear -bigger hips, small waist ,and top. so my picks are based on what i believe will look best on our shapes.

This is an Tadashi Dress found on a Silk taffeta deep gold with Basket weave design for 329.00.

Personally I would look for this dress a lot cheaper ,but I'm frugal to a fault-Cheap!Notice the a line and details on top which draws attention to your shoulders and draws the eye up to the face.Very nice.

My favorite designer made this -
Diane Von Furstenberg .Camel Fan Charmuse Lanii wrap dress for 280.00 also on
V-neck collars bring out your pretty face.Her wrap dresses are a classic investment ,and timeless design works over and over .notice the sash.Cute! look for this designers suitcases too.

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