Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Afros Unite!-Natural hair product showcase!

Here on Caramel City Sparkle we love natural hair ! I have natural hair and i love it ,it grows faster than before and the texture is soft and delightful.If you are thinking about converting to natural hair -go for it, it's totally worth it ! I have tried the following and they get the Caramel City Spark of approval-
Introducing -
Oyin means honey in Yoruba.All products are made with pure and fresh,nourishing , rich, ingredients that are good for your hair and body.Products are made by a family owned company in small batches. This company is very wholesome ,one of my favorites!

This is Juices and Berries herbal tonic leave - in spray. 9.00
a sweet natural juice tonic for after washing ,refreshing braids ,or for a good for your hair infusion ! i love this spray ,it makes your hair smell really good n fruity ,softens ,moisturises, and give the hair umph!

Oyin Handmade also sells this popular favorite-Whipped Pudding starting at 5.50
This tub of joy smells sooo good !leaves your hair soft and healthier feeling ,has good moisturising ingredients too. Natural hair dries out alot , this can help with those issues .Leaves your hair smelling like a chocolate dream-yumm!

Check out their other products too, you can see by the testimonials on the site that these products are really good ! Oh yes and the prices will not put you in the poor house either .

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