Monday, November 17, 2008

Winter in Chicago-heard of the Hawk?

Hey Sparkle Bella's - here the weather is changing into the 'Hawk ' . What is the Hawk you say? well -just a term for the Chicago wind, so strong it knocks itself into your bones ,gives you windburns on your face,and generally makes you want to leave Chi - town ! but somehow we always make it through -to wait for a hint of green grass , a songbird singing ,or even the dirt to get soft again ! As you can tell ,I'm not really into winter in Chicago. . Some people think it great, you know the snow -so pretty and fun to play in ,yes that's true,but with as much traffic we get here that pretty snow turns to cold ,dirty black slush - UGH YUCK.

1 comment:

  1. i agree it is freezing it's 16 degrees .i really want to go tojamaicia now!